"You will find all kind of magic effects in our shop, the classics and the modern ones."
Everything you need to become an illusionist!

Welcome to "El Rei de la Màgia", a centenary shop in Princesa street 11, since 1881 making of Barcelona a magic city.

Joaquim Partagàs was the founder of the first specialized shop that provided material and magic articles.

Carles Bucheli, the succesor of Partagàs, kept the original spirit of investigation and enthusiasm until his dead in April 1981.

Josep Mª Martínez and Rosa M. Llop are the owners of "El Rei de la Màgia" since 1984 and promoters of the unique space in Barcelona dedicated exclusively to illusionism, the Theatre-Museum "El Rei de la Màgia".

The acquisition of an article in this shop is much more than a purchase. We will advise you and teach you the secrets of the article you take home.